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About Us

Our Mission

Sameunderneath is a concept, belief, and a way of life that we carry through personal fashion. We feel that Sameunderneath is not only a clothing company, but also a belief in life itself. Society must not focus on the things we don’t have in common, but should magnify the things we do have in common. We realize not everyone is going to like the same type of music, speak the same language, or crave the same taste of foods; however we do know that we all want to feel good in our own skin.

Our objective is to unify through fashion. Sameunderneath supports the largest race in the world, the HUMAN RACE. Sameunderneath speaks the loudest language, that being love. Sameunderneath sponsors the greatest hobbies and sports of today, LIFE. We are not a clothing company for one specific group; we’re a product lifestyle company for the world. Sameunderneath’s mission is to change the way people look at each other.

Sameunderneath & Sustainability

Sameunderneath’s collection has been developed for conscious individuals that are aware of their personal effect on this planet through education, art, music, sport, fashion and life. Sameunderneath is taking steps toward sustaining this earth with our choices of designs, textiles and business practices.

Sameunderneath + Cashmere

Sameunderneath is proud to present its new line of cashmere garments. This luxurious, natural fiber is noted as providing light weight insulation without bulk. Appropriate for all climates, a high moisture climate allows insulation properties to change with the relative humidity in the air. The finest fibers are gathered from the underbelly, shoulder or neck of the Cashmere goat. Our cashmere is sourced from China where the hair is removed by hand with a comb. This aids in the goat’s natural shedding process.

Sameunderneath + Bamboo

Sameunderneath’s collection is produced with one of nature’s most sustainable resources, BAMBOO. This 100% biodegradable plant has the capacity to acclimate to the environment and continue to grow at a rate of 2 inches every hour! Bamboo’s innate antibacterial functions naturally wick moisture and prevent odor. Unlike other antibacterial additives, bamboo is also hypoallergenic. In addition to being plentiful, finished bamboo fabric is extremely soft so using bamboo fiber in all of our garments gives our clothing a comfortable, luxurious feel. This type of versatility cannot be found with cotton, making bamboo considerably more resourceful. Bamboo fiber is mankind’s contribution to the protection of natural resources, rare minerals and the consideration of global balance.

Sameunderneath - The Brand


The Sameunderneath Brand is owned and operated by SequenceUSA a private holding company located in Portland Oregon.  For more information about SequenceUSA or any of it's brands, please email us or call us at 503-752-9384